Resume Infographic

[Infographic Monday]

I really love the idea of a resume infographic, I’m just not sure HR departments and their documenting scanning/reading devices are ready for them.

If you have a LinkedIn account, you can quickly generate a resume infographic with just a couple clicks via Vizualize.me Check it out. I think this is a pretty cool way of competing for a job, especially if you’re pursuing a position in the creative industries.  An infographic is an engaging way to tell a story versus a resume, which by it’s very nature feels very bla, bla, bla.

I also think infographics provide an alternative to boring academic vitaes and professional biographies. Click here to see Steve Jobs infographic bio.

Click here to discover seven free tools for creating great infographics.

Resume Infographic

Do you think infographics are here to stay or just a trend?


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  1. says

    Very cool! I love infographics because you get the info so quick. I can’t imagine going back to no infographics now that they’re popping up all over. It’s innovation!

  2. jenx67 says

     That’s a great idea for LinkedIn. I do not understand LinkedIn. I get more requests there than anywhere, but they go nowhere. I really need to figure it out…

  3. jenx67 says

     A painted resume. Wow. If I have to paint my resume, I’ll never get another job. hahaha! Cool idea, though! Especially if you can illustrate.

  4. says

    I really think resume infographics are here to stay.  I will be checking all of this on the handy links at my LinkedIn account page.  I once saw an illustrator just PAINT her resume–who could resist?

  5. says

    Strictly in a research capacity I have been playing around with these tools as well.  I do wonder what HR departments will think about these.  In my current field of social media I think that hiring managers might appreciate them but they have to get by a whole bunch of other people first!

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