This Woman Is Adorable!

Check out this video of Oklahoma City’s own Sweet Brown, which aired two days ago on the NBC station in town, KFOR. This woman has got personality to spare. She should get a Hollywood agent!

She reminds me of a line from that Brett Dennen song I wrote about recently, Don’t Forget. 

…You are a secret waiting to be found out
Soon you’ll be what everyone is talking about
May you spread your love like laughter
And find whatever you’re after
Hopin’ all your windows let the music spill out…


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  1. jenx67 says

    Rose, Sometimes, the comments you leave are so validating for me. More than twice I’ve read a comment you’ve written and thought, “Oh, good, I’m not crazy.” You get me!! It means a lot. Your poetry is so amazing. IT will be a privilege for anyone to have a chance to illustrate your gift of words.

  2. says

    How totally neat is it that you posted this today about Sweet Brown and included these lines from the Brett Dennen song telling me I am a secret waiting to be found out–on the very day when I nailed down the artist friend I wanted to illustate my adult poetry/allegorical narrative series.  And some review of some of my daughter’s award-winning photos on her flickr page brought some more great resources, with both sharing in proceeds and credits, of course!  What a blessing this post is on this particular day for me!

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