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    Extremely helpful infographic for us Boomers interacting with Gen Yers at church and in joint community projects! But what about a boomer like me who is a writer and researcher who actually WORKS on digital media appliances all day, six days a week? Well, I have found I need to take a short break from that about every 2 weeks in order to stay slightly “real”, you know?

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    Cell phones and teens are just totally against my grain. My daughter has one and I hate it. Her dad bought it for her – in my opinion way too early. Just one of the many fun things you figure out when you raise a child in two different homes. My surrender to it makes my own heart break. I truly hate the cell phone that much. And, I agree (just started a sentence with a conjunction – ha!) the texting stat is ridiculous. I don’t believe it.

  3. Friar says

    Interesting. I think the texting fact is just wrong — we read too much about college students unable to write clearly to think that a large dose of puzzling out abbreviations will help them. If that’s accurate, we should try to correlate high reading and writing proficiency with areas that have large numbers of personalized license plates. Plus, the graphic authors follow their emphatic “No” with supporting info that says texting teens *may* have better language skills; I wonder if they themselves may need a grammar brushup because “No!” and “maybe” usually don’t partner up.

    More seriously, I wonder how much of teens’ high online activity rate depends on the fact that it’s on Mom and Dad’s dime. When they have to pay for their own cell and internet service, will they be able to afford the panoply of high-speed broadband features they now enjoy, or will they have to cut back? With my parents, I lived in a three-bedroom house. On my own, I lived in a one-bedroom apartment. I haven’t seen anything written about that crop up anywhere.

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