Mother’s Day 2012

For Mother’s Day, Juliette bought me some jewelry by one of my favorite designers, Betsey Johnson.

Betsey Johnson Necklace

Hello, Beautiful. You’ve been dieting way too much.

Betsey Johnson Earrings
Mmmmmm. Cherry super fruits for my ears. 
Thanks, Juey! Nice blue nail polish.

Child's Drawing

The Super Bridgy drew me this awesome picture. That’s her and me holding hands.

All About Mom

This is a Mother’s Day project Sullivan did at school. 
Apparently he thinks I like to work all day. 

Child's Drawing
I’d recognize this kind of drawing anywhere. 
This is Juey’s style. 
Happy Mother’s Day to moms and daughters the world over, 
with love and special thoughts for my mom! 
And, to my children, being your mommy is the best thing I’ve ever gotten to do!
You’re my best gifts ever, and I love you!


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    Beautiful Mother’s Day you had, Jen! Hooray! I love the jewelry and think it will look wonderful on you! Sullivan’s “take” on you is so typical of sons, I think!

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