This Oklahoma Life: T-Ball

Here in right field, it’s important you know.
You gotta know how to catch, you gotta know how to throw,
That’s why I’m here in right field, just watching the dandelions grow.

— From Peter, Paul and Mary and Right Field

Little Boy Playing T-Ball

Sully started his first season of T-Ball in April. He looks so serious in this photo as he was in the dugout and was about to go up to bat. Most of the time he’s big-big smiles.

We play at a field in far Northwest Oklahoma City near Lake Hefner. Our games usually start around 7 p.m., which is a great time for taking pictures. The light play is really wonderful as demonstrated in the picture below.

I love green jerseys!

Boy in a green jersey reaching for Dubble Bubble

There is no place like a concession stand at a ballfield. It’s like a mini convenient store in the middle of West Texas. A buffet of Dubble Bubble, sour pickles and strawberry soda.

Concession stand at a baseball field

I love these old Coke menu sign boards with the movable letters. They are fast falling by the wayside. I’d love to have one of these in my kitchen along with a vintage drink machine. They both remind me of the old K-Mart delis where you could buy a submarine sandwich slathered with mustard and topped with finely shredded lettuce. They had one at the K-Mart in Bartlesville, Oklahoma as late as 1983.

T-ball player though the chain link fence

The best part about going to the baseball field is watching Sully play. He runs so fast! When he’s on base, he always sticks his hands in his pockets.

Girl scoops Popcorn at a baseball field

Tonight, I had two different kids ask me why I take pictures. I told them because I like to, but the truth is, I think I’m afraid I’m going to miss something. Like, the next time I return to the baseball field, someone will have decided to start selling Buddy Fruits at the concession stand instead of popcorn. 

T-ball is so fun, but I’ve noticed that even at this age and skill level parents can be crazy-competitive. I’m just glad my child is healthy and able to play with no problem. We try not to talk about winning or losing, but did you have fun?

Sunlight through a purple water bottle

I was at a game a few weeks ago when I took this photo with my iPad. I love the bright sun through the purple plastic water bottle.

Little boy touches first base

Parting Shot: When the team ordered shirts they asked me what number Sully wanted. I couldn’t ask him at the time and the only number I could think was 67. Imagine that.


I love going to baseball games! We have an amazing ballpark in Oklahoma City, the Bricktown Ballpark, which is home to the Oklahoma Redhawks. There are three more home games before the end of the month, plus the Big 12 Conference is May 23-27. With a season that runs through early September, I’m sure we’ll make it to at least a couple games.

What’s your favorite baseball field?


  1. says

    I love old signs too, I always make my hubby stop when I see retro things like the Coke menus too! Nostalgia rocks, right?!

  2. says

    I loved the concession stand at the ballfield where my brother played little league! Had my first Whatchamacallit there. I remember the big jar of pickled sausage in the red juice…never wanted one, but that jar was sitting on the counter every game, every year, just in case you did. I can still smell that stand if I think hard enough.

  3. Friar says

    K-Mart’s wasn’t bad, but I was TG&Y guy myself 😉

    And I don’t think you were in the area before Rexall closed its downtown place.

  4. says

    My favorite baseball field is the one where the Jackson, MS Colonels (a minor league team) call home. It is right beside a wonderful arts-and-crafts venue and across from another wonderful city park. Love your photos of the every-adorable and heroic Sully!

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