OKC Thunder Memorabilia, T-shirts on Etsy

OKC Thunder Memorabilia

Thunder Graffiti
Thunder Graffiti

Oklahoma City Thunder Graffiti | June 2012

As most of my readers know, I live in Oklahoma where lately, “the wins come sweeping down the plain.” The Oklahoma City Thunder wins that is! The Thunder face off against the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals tomorrow night. The series starts in downtown Oklahoma City about 1.1 miles from my house!

This is an event of international proportion. It’s like Oklahoma City is getting the Olympics only better! Can you tell I’m excited? I’m using a lot of exclamation points. Here comes another one. My neighbors are replacing their porch lights with blue lights! Go Thunder!

OKC Thunder Graffiti on an underpass
More OKC Thunder Graffiti | NW 23rd Street Off Ramp | I-235/Centennial Expressway

More OKC Thunder Graffiti | NW 23rd Street Off Ramp | I-235/Centennial Expressway

Everyone is very excited in this big town on the south-central plains of fewer than 600,000 people. (There are about 1.1 million in the Central Oklahoma region.)

So, I’ve been looking for cool Oklahoma City Thunder T-shirts and memorabilia on Etsy and I found some really fun stuff! Check it out! And, I promise to never again use so many exclamation points in a post. That is, unless we smoke the Heat! Which, we will. [!!!!!]

OKC Thunder Pop Bottle Necklace
Thunder Bottle Cap Necklace by forJoplin goes for $5

Where the Wins Come Sweeping Down the Plain T-shirt
Where the Wins Come Sweeping Down the Plain T-shirt
by PassiveJuiceMotel goes for $25.

Tie Dye Thunder Dress in orange and blue
Tie Dye Dress in Thunder colors by OneGreatThing goes for $40

1967 Thunder Poster
I have not idea why this poster says 1967, but I like it!
It’s by TheLemonPeel and goes for $22
Thunder Scrabble Tile Pendant

OKC Thunder Scrabble Tile Pendant by ThatSoCoolStudio goes for $6.95

Thunder Bunting Banner

Burlap Bunting/Banner by BethA goes for $19

OKC Thunder Fear the Beard

Fear the Beard Hat in honor of James Harden by Bethany Tyler goes for $40

Little's girls sundress in Thunder team colors

Little Girl’s Thunder Rocks Dress by DivaGirlBoutique goes for $44.50

Rumble the Bison T-shirt

Rumble the Mascot T-shirt for Toddlers by the LushLocker goes for $17

Rosary in Thunder Colors

Rosary in Thunder Colors by EarlyPrayerRosaries goes for $12.50

Thunder Pup Dog Bandana

And last, but not least, something for the dogs.
Thunder pup dog bandana by PromiseArt goes for $15


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  1. says

    Not of my taste, i usually don’t like to wear heavily printed stuff, simple things are of my style but my girlfriend likes such kind of clothing, i might get the tie dye dress in thunder colors for her.

  2. says

    ThunderPup is my favorite, with the tie-dyed dress in Thunder colors being a close second. So excited for you guys there in OKC with that winning team!

  3. Anonymous says

    Where in OKC is the Thunder Graffiti you posted a pic of? Ive been seeing it in lots of pictures but wasnt sure exactly where it was??

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