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[Graffiti Wednesday] Flaming Lips and the Womb Art Gallery

At church on Sunday, there was a truck in the parking lot that had a vinyl shark sticker on the back window. It was just like the shark sticker street art I posted two weeks ago for Graffiti Wednesday. I didn’t have my camera with me so I missed getting a picture of it.

In case you’re unfamiliar with sticker art, it is a form of graffiti. It’s sometimes referred to as sticker bombing, and is a form of guerrilla art. Most of the stickers used are self-adhesive, but some are applied using a technique known as wheat-pasting.

Two nights ago, I discovered a sticker bomb of the whimsical sharks. They’re on a rusted rain gutter in the back of The Womb, Wayne and Michelle Coyne’s art gallery of Flaming Lips fame.

Sticker Bomb of Colorful Sharks at the Flaming Lips Art Gallery, The Womb

Each of the sharks seems to have a different personality. And, really, I’m only guessing that these are sharks. Anyone have a different opinion?

Small stickers of sharks represent a sticker bomb in Oklahoma City

The sharks remind me of tadpoles. They start out small at the bottom of the rain gutter and the higher up the gutter they go the bigger they get. I wonder if this graduation means something?

Giant sticker of a shark is part of a sticker bomb, a form of graffiti

I wonder if the sharks represent children growing up? This is what I love about art. We bring to it our own life experiences and apply meaning accordingly.

Hot pink shark is part of a sticker bomb at the Flaming Lips gallery in OKC

Like the vinyl stickers, sometimes, the meanings don’t stick. The fact we’re making an effort to make sense of our world and lives is the important thing. I think art, whether it’s a sticker bomb, graffiti or a world-famous exhibit of impressionism.

All of the sharks seem to have a different personality. This hot pink sticker is showing his fangy shark teeth.

Sticker Bomb Shark

 The sharks appear in all different colors including black, gold and silver (mirror). They’re also drawn with different facial expressions. 

Sticker Bomb features a green shark

All the different textures and features on the back of The Womb Art Gallery, from the rusted rain gutter to the new chains and old brick, complement this fun street art exhibit.

Brick warehouse art gallery features a sticker bomb of sharks

I dig it. Can you tell?

This sticker is one of the reasons I wonder if the sharks represent children growing up. This gold shark is wearing braces. The large shark vinyl at the very top has straight teeth.

Sticker Bombing at The Womb, an art gallery of Wayne and Michelle Coyne in OKC

The Womb Art Gallery is located at 25 NW 9th Street in Oklahoma City. The Flaming Lips kicked off its grand opening last August, but in December, the fire marshal shut it down. I don’t have any more information about it. My friend, Steve, who writes for The Oklahoman, wrote about a blog post recently about a controversial piece of art recently posted outside the gallery

Yarn Bombing
Did you know that International Yarn Bomb Day was June 11? I love yarn bombs, which fall within the genre of street art and graffiti. To my knowledge, the event was not commemorated in Oklahoma City; however, last month, there was a yarn bombing in Bartlesville, a mid-size town located about an hour north of Tulsa. It was sponsored by the local knit and fiber art guild. They “bombed” the offices of OK Mozart. Officials with the City of Bartlesville liked the street art so much, they wanted it extended beyond the original two blocks.

Have you seen any amazing street art in your town lately? Let us know by using the linky below to highlight graffiti, guerrilla and street art in your community.

4 Responses to “The Flaming Lips Art Gallery”

  1. Andi

    These stickers are adorable. I love yard bombing too, we have a ton of them in Berkeley!

  2. Yogi♪♪♪

    I’m really wanting to see a yarn bomb. Don’t want to bad enough to drive to Bartlesville though.

    Love your stickers. Very, very cool. The eyes creep me out a little bit though.


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