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Thunder Up: Soccer Moms Invade OKC Graffiti Zone

[Graffiti Wednesday]

OKC Thunder Graffiti

After I posted the picture of the Thunder Up graffiti in the graffiti permission zone in Oklahoma City’s Automobile Alley, I received a few emails asking me the exact location of the site.

Oklahoma City Thunder Graffiti

Oklahoma City Thunder Graffiti

Here is a satellite image of the location, which is an alley just east of Broadway Avenue and just north of NW 10th Street. If you use Google Maps make sure you use the Zip Code “73102” or you might end up on Broadway Avenue in Moore, Oklahoma.

Graffiti zone in Oklahoma City

Graffiti Zone in Oklahoma City | The area circled welcomes the work of graffiti artists.

Lately, the zone has been invaded by soccer moms. Probably ballet and horse moms, too. I considered taking credit or blame (?) for their visits as I’ve been blogging about the zone for nearly a year, but I decided the graff writers are responsible. They’re the ones who created something that had broad appeal.

Graffiti Zone Taken Over By Soccer Moms

Graffiti Zone Taken Over By Soccer Moms

This is the exact point I was making back in March when I wrote this: 

“And, this is exactly what I think about graffiti. Eventually, part of the counterculture and anti-establishment will be woven into the urban landscape through permission zones that will become tourist attractions. Local and state officials and community organizers will begin to recognize the mass market appeal of graffiti, especially street art, and long held-prejudices will subside as festivals and exhibits that celebrate the art form demonstrate ROI. This isn’t just something I drummed up in my  head. It’s already happened all across Europe and beyond.

I’m going to avoid mentioning how the only people who quote bloggers are bloggers and then the only bloggers they quote are themselves. Ha-ha! 

Graffiti Zone: Jarritos, Tree and Leaf, Chemtrails

Jarritos Mural

Guava Jarritos in the Graffiti Zone in OK

So, the other day, I stopped by to photograph a Jarritos for a little project, and for the second time I saw soccer moms. Their kids were decked out in Thunderwear and a photographer was taking their picture against the Thunder Up! graffiti.

Maybe the graffiti zone should start charging admission.

Here is some graffiti I photographed in the area in late June.

One-Eyed Monster Graffiti
Let’s see: multiple ear piercings, one eye, whiskers, fangs. Looks like graffiti to me. If you look closely at the skyline you see Oklahoma City’s Devon Tower and the First National Center on the right side of the frame. It looks like the Seattle Space Needle on the left side. There’s a basketball memo in here somewhere.
Skateboard Graffiti
Yo Moms! No clue what this says – maybe Geris? Maybe that’s a kid’s name and this was done for Mother’s Day. I recognize that logo on the skateboarder’s shirt. Visit Tree and Leaf.
Devil and Skull Graffiti

I’m thinking with the creepy skull and devil graffiti, it’s probably a good idea if they just go ahead and leave this Jesus graffiti up for awhile. You know what would be cool? Graffiti of the 12 Disciples. Maybe add Paul, The Apostle, for good measure or John eating locust and honey.

Jesus Graffiti
Jesus and Qaddafi.
Graffiti on Garage Door
Looks kind of like a backward, little G making a fist | Hogty
Chemtrails Graffiti
Have you heard of the chemtrails conspiracy theory? It contends that trails left by some aircraft consist of chemical or biological agents. Listen to this song by Beck called Chemtrails.

…You and me watching
Chemtrails is where we belong
That’s what I mean when we talk in this jetstream
We’re climbing a hole in the sky.

Graffiti Zone brick, bars, garage door

I love all the textures and materials here: brick, faded paint, bright paint, pipes, rust, bars, windows, metal, wires. Definitely your typical urban American alley.

Have you seen any interesting graffiti or street art this week?

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  1. Jennifer

    Respectable folk definitely need to let loose. haha!! Thanks, Rose. It means a lot to hear from you. I need to get over to your blog and pay a visit! xoxo

  2. Jennifer

     Ohhhh, a challenge. I can’t draw a stick figure. It never even occurred to me that I might create something of my own in the graffiti zone. I think I’ll completely go outside the box and have my 78-year-old mother do some graff writing: Generation X Forever.

  3. yogiabb

    You crack me up about your comments about bloggers quoting themselves.

    That is pretty wild about the soccer moms taking over the permission zone. Pretty soon Incredible Pizza will have permission zones. Goodness knows that Aubrey needs the money. I’ve seen that Devil design in other places. I really like your big bright designs and colors. When are you going to start doing your own graffiti?

  4. Rose Byrd

    Jen, you already KNOW that Graffiti Wednesdays are possibly my favorite posts of yours!  I love it that graffiti zones are inspirting “respectable folk” to let loose a little bit!

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