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  1. I loved the fat chocolate candies with a filling. Some were raspberry or orange. I loved them. what were they called?

  2. They need to bring the pick a mix back!! Oh how I miss it!! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Mmmmmm!!

  3. I recently found Brach’s Pick a Mix at the Topps market on Ft Myers Beach, Fl. Got a few handfuls of the milk maid caramels, slightly stale. About 2013 There was also a pick a mix at the Publix Market at Ft Walton Beach FL.

  4. I wish I could buy just the Rum flavored Milk Royals caramels. They were the best.

    I would love to be able to find a Pick A Mix display in my area, but just like many things from my era, they will never be seen again. Too bad, miss the old days.

  5.  There’s a FB page for everything including “Bring Back Twigs.” Yes, I came back and updated the post. Sorry about that! They were difficult to unwrap. LOL!

  6. Ha-ha the nougat jellies were my favorite – still love them although I rarely eat them!  My palette was not sophisticated enough to enjoy coconut yet! My second favorite was the cinnamon discs – yum!

  7. (Ha! Funny – I read this earlier on my Kindle but when I came back to comment, I forgot that you had called out the Neapolitans also. I remember they were often hard to unwrap, but I didn’t mind.)

  8. Oh!  I had forgotten all about these. I remember seeing them now, but my mom would rarely indulge in this kind of thing. I really liked the look and taste of the pink and white and brown ones. I guess they’re called Neapolitan Coconut Sundaes, I learn now, and, OH NO!  Horrors!  According to a couple of web sites, they’ve been discontinued. Just this summer. This is as bad as when I learned they no longer make Twigs.

  9. I didnt like the jelly nougets or those weird sesmame ones. My favorite were Royals–YUM!!! We still have them here in NH at Market Basket.

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