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Generation Gap, Divides, Warfare and Realities

Generation Gap | Read On For More Fun Links About Generation Stuff

8 Reasons Gen Y Will Soon Take Your Job

Do not let this article discourage you.

A Private Generational Reality

Gamine. Mobius Strip. Inverted nihilism. These are just some of the terms ToB uses in her latest post about Generation X, To Be or Not To BeBy Blogosphere standards, it’s astonishing in length — more than 5,000 words. But, don’t let that scare. Let it be a lesson.

The Blogosphere, for the most part, demands bite-size posts that help people quickly solve simple problems. The most popular blogs are at minimum, 80 percent photographs and graphic art or images. Social media and content marketing experts advise bloggers to keep posts between 300 and 700 words. Our attention has been eroded.

A blogger like Histories of Things To Come who churns original, intelligent and lengthy content on a daily basis is as non-conforming as the private generational reality she writes about in the aforeentioned posts. But, I don’t sense this is because of refusal to play the game, but rather an impressive pragmatism and conviction about research.

In recent months, Google has penalized those who gamed the blogging system. Supposedly, they’re starting to reward original blog content and lengthier posts with higher search engine rankings. ToB’s blog is one that deserves to rewarded.

I love the part in her post about Winona Ryder and Ethan Hawke, but the best part is the last portion. She discusses the need Generation X has to throw off our abhorrence of “collective, self-referential action,” and work together to face a heap of terrible problems. “They will have to tap the source of their inner reserves by learning to be,” she writes, “rather than accomplishing things based on a cornered decision not to be – as a generation.”

Slacker Docs and Marcus Welby

For some time now, I’ve been reading about a new generation of doctors; Gen Xers who love their work but shun the long hours. I have three friends who are doctors. One is so brilliant she could have gone into any area of medicine she wanted, but she chose pathology because she wanted a family and the hours were better. The other two work part-time. This was unheard of a generation ago. Last week, the Chicago AP published a story about this. Read Forget Marcus Welby: Today’s Docs Want A Real Life.

Genius Transcending Generations

Five years ago, the Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra sponsored a series of ad that pay homage to classical geniuses and modern masters. I figure if some people are willing to eat fish that’s been swimming in the ocean for 150 years, you won’t mind gnawing on these awesome ads form the Priamit Advertising Agency, Instanbul Turkey. Look at Schubert with his ear buds and Beethoven having him some Starbucks. You be sexy, Mozart. The genius of these men certainly transcends the generations.

Schubert Mozart Beethoven




Infographics: So Five Minutes Ago

Innovators and early adopters — heck, even the early majority — have grown weary with infographics. Just when I figured out how to create them (more or less) the cool people have grown tired of them. This reminds me of Van shoes from the 1980s. By the time they made it from the West Coast to my Kansas high school, they were out-of-style in L.A.

At any rate, I found this from May 2011 on CNN’s site. It’s a nice primer and seemed worthy of a re-post.

Generation Gap, Warfare and Divides

Finally, I’ll leave you with a few cartoons I’ve scoured from various Internet resources. They all speak to the proverbial generation gap, something Bloomberg’s Business Week covered a few days in a story about the GOP’s Generational Divide.

August 2006 | goonmail[at]

The comic strip Archie has been around since the 40s. The Generation Gap has been around much longer.

I wonder if these personifications of technology will ever stop being funny. =0
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  1. Scott Carpenter

    Great post, Jen, and good links — I’ve saved ToB’s article and Xtcian’s post to Instapaper.  (Instapaper is restoring my ability to read more than 500 word articles.) This “E4B” thing in the Xtcian post — I think I’m heading there, and it’s been showing up in recent and upcoming posts.  I hope it’s more of a planned reboot than a hard crash.

  2. ToB

    Thanks very much for the kind plug Jen, I always love your posts and blue plate specials are a great way to keep up with what bloggers are saying about Gen X. I did a companion post on the Silent Generation and that post links to Kate Sherrod’s review of Gordinier’s book, also this week. We have been debating Gen X destinies on twitter, feel the time has come to seize the day! 🙂

  3. Andi Fisher

    There was an affiliation with Little Lulu, but I don’t remember the exact one.  My parents are going to be cleaning out their attic soon and I keep asking them to look for a box full of my old comics.  It is what I spent my allowance on every week!

  4. Jennifer

    Do you remember Little Lulu? Wasn’t she part of Little Archie or something. I love Archie. I loved how they danced.

  5. Andi Fisher

    I had a HUGE Archie comic book collection – how funny how that comic brings everything full circle!

  6. Rose Byrd

    Jen, the older my own children (Gen Xers) grow, the more they are relieved not to have been under the burdens of we boomers, with the major Civil Rights battles, the Cold War, Vietnam, Sexual Revolution, etc.

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