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Infographic | Cartoon Characters From My Confusing Generation X Childhood

My Confusing Gen-X Life

My Confusing Gen-X Life

It took me 900 hours to create this infographic. I am not a designer (clearly), but I hope you like it. I try friends, I try. I borrowed the branding from the popular 1990s show My So Called Life.

The infographic features the confusing and sordid parade of pop culture and cartoon characters stalking the minds of Gen Xers for decades. I could not keep this motley crue straight.

Count von Count vs. Count Chocula

Carol Brady vs. Shirley Patridge

The Trix Bunny and The Roller Skating Rabbit from Avon. Ha! They were the same person, right?

Boo Berry vs. Casper the Friendly Ghost.

I Dream of Jeannie vs. Samantha on Bewitched

(Also, Major Anthony Nelson vs. Darrin)

Star Wars vs. Star Trek (Is there a difference? Ha!)

Laura Ingalls vs. Holly Hobbie

Cavey vs. Bosley

The Teen Angels vs. Charlie’s Angels

The Little Rascals vs. The Three Stooges

Cindy Brady’s braids vs. Holly Marshall’s in Land of the Lost

Isis vs. Wonder Woman

Yogi the Bear vs. Smokey the Bear vs. Super Sugar Crisp Bear

My so-called Generation X childhood was so confusing…

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For more information on Generation X, visit Who Is Generation X.

Can you think of other similar characters from your Generation X childhood? I wish I’d included Brach’s and Brock — the two candy companies. Did you know they merged in 1994?

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  1. Rose Byrd

    No wonder my own Gen X children did now always “get” the message we were tearing outselves apart to instill!  Thanks for the enlightenment here!

  2. Jennifer

    Exactly! They were all spoofing or swiping, but at the time, it seemed much more complicated than that. And the Addams Family and the Munsters confused me, too!

  3. Yogi

    I hadn’t thought about it but there were lots of confusing things way back when, the Addams Family vs the Munsters for one. It wasn’t until I was old and cynical that I realized that much of it was just plain copying.

  4. Jennifer

     I always thought the two bunnies represented good and evil. =) Those terrariums were awesome. I have not thought about THOSE in years! Thanks for reminding me.

  5. Toni SL

    I haven’t thought about the Avon Skating Bunny Perfume Compact in 30 years, at least! Remember the cool toys in Super Sugar Crisp? Especially the terrariums?


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