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Boo Berry Art Gallery

New Boo Berry Cereal
These days, Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Franken Berry haunt grocery store aisles only during the Halloween season. Today’s post in the Countdown to Halloween features Boo Berry, a cereal that first haunted grocery store shelves in the early 1970s. Created by General Mills and beloved by Gen Xers, it was the third and final character to round out the company’s spooky triumvirate that includes Count Chocula and Franken Berry.

Over the years, Boo has received a few makeovers. These days, he only appears in grocery stores during the Halloween season. I bought each of my kids a box this year, even though I’m not entirely certain this stuff is actually food.

The box above is the latest version of Boo Berry. I found the Chewbacca box here. I’m thinking this can’t be real, right? Someone just morphed Chewbacca’s head onto Boo. But, who knows?

Boo Berry continues to hold a special place in pop culture right alongside his buddies Count and Franken. I liked him as a kid and now my kids like him, especially the Super Bridgy whose favorite color has always been blue. Boo Berry as a brand and mascot appear on T-shirts, lip balm and artwork. This Halloween season Girly Bits introduced Boo Berry nail polish. Gotta get me some of that.

Boo Berry Nail Polish

Check out the creative work of artists and cartoonists who’ve drawn inspiration from Boo Berry. Aren’t these great!?

Boo Berry Artwork

Artwork by Fitz (left) | Boo Berry Art by JRW 2008 (middle) and Boone Berry by Bob Renza
Boo Berry Monster Art
Illustration by Jawboneradio via Flickr

There are 25 days left until Halloween. Do you have your costume planned? Here are a couple of Boo Berry options for you. That one top is a little sad.Homemade Boo Berry

Boo Berry Costume
Long live the Boo, and may he continue to be loved by future generations.
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  1. Jennifer

    My mom bought it for us once-in-awhile. Even as a kid the colors bugged
    me. Thanks for stopping by Jolie. I’ll check out your blog.

  2. Jennifer

    I don’t blame you. They’re like a cross between eating cheap toys and bad candy.

  3. Jolie Du Pre

    Oh God, I so remember this stuff!  It’s like that cereal Count Chocula.  My mother would never let us eat the stuff.  So I’ve never had any of it.Precious Monsters

  4. Andi Fisher

    I was never allowed to eat cereals like this!  And by the time I could, I didn’t want to!


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