Jennifer Brownies

Brownies 1981

[The Jennifer Chronicles]

I bet there were a ton of Girl Scouts and Brownies named Jennifer during the 70s and 80s, although I’ve only been able to turn up a few pictures.

I participated in Brownies and Girl Scouts throughout most of my school years and up until 10th grade. I loved wearing the orange and gold flags on my knee socks as well as the ties at the neck and brown and green beanies.

The girl in the picture that is third from the left is named Jennifer. This picture is made available from Daily Foolishness on Flickr. Creative Commons License applies.


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  1. Elissa Christmas says

    I was a Brownie for just one year, and I don’t remember a great deal about it either way. What I do remember is having to go to my Brownie meeting one afternoon even though I’d gotten home from school to learn the president had been shot. Somehow it seemed like Brownies should be cancelled for that!

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