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Jennifer in Ambient Light

[The Jennifer Chronicles]
A year-long photo adventure exploring the life and times of Jennifers the world over.

The Flickr user EMS 18 has shared with the world some wonderful pictures of his daughter Jennifer. Here she is as he writes “in ambient light” in 1991. The set features 161 photos and chronicles her life through her graduation from Houston College.

Every time I stumble across a Flickr set like this I can feel the love of the parent in each and every frame. It takes time and effort to upload old pictures to Flickr. It takes generosity and courage to share them freely with the world. I’m grateful for this set featuring this Jennifer. Born in 1989, she’s a member of Generation Y.

Here’s a screenshot of the thumbnails in this Gen Y time capsule.

Here’s another one of my favorites, which includes this Jennifer’s younger brother. This family either lived near or liked to vacation in Piscataquis County, Maine.

The set is a real-life Jennifer chronicle. Check it out.

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