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1970s Plaid Pants on Jennifer

This is Jennifer, last name unknown. The photo was with a Konica camera in 1972 or 1973. I think it was taken in Norway, based on other things I read on the Flickr account, dia4138. This was a pretty great look back in the day. Plaid pants, turtle neck and a vest that look like someone cut up Granny’s favorite afghan. Here’s another photo of the same Jennifer. This is a VW camper van at a cabin in Norway. Not a bad life at all.
In searching for vintage pictures of Jennifers, it seems like the name may have caught on in Europe faster than it did in the United States. More about that tomorrow.
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  1. Andi Fisher

    Sometime I wish the mishmash look would come back. I am always jealous of the Japanese who seem to be able to wear stripes and plaids in a million colors all together and it looks cool!

  2. Alan Bates

    I spent two weeks in Mexico City back in 1971 on a school trip. Looking back at the photos I took of my fellow students I was struck by how many of the girls were wearing plaid pants.


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