Caution Children: Summer Song

So you’re scared and you’re thinking
That maybe we aint that young anymore
From Springsteen and Thunder Road

[Street Photography]

I love to drive across Exchange Avenue in Oklahoma City. It’s a bridge just passed the Farmer’s Market. A quick shot to Stockyard City and the best bacon and eggs in the universe. I’m talking about Cattlemen’s.

You can’t get to Exchange Avenue from my house near downtown without passing by the Candyman’s boneyard. There’s an entire fleet of Summer Song vans in various stages of disrepair. Doors swinging open, flat tires and faded signs. All at the same time I’m reminded of Davis Monthan AFB, Pripyat Amusement Park (Chernobyl) and the skeleton frames of Springsteen’s burned out Chevrolets. The pea-soup memories of Generation X. 

Caution children, but it’s such a lovely sky. 
Here lies the boneyard of all our good intentions. 
Generation X down the big slide
Toward 40, then 50. 
The irony of being old before we’ve even begun…

Photo Credit:  Pripyat Ferris Wheel via Tim Seuss


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