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I’ve found another 40-something Jen who blogs about Generation X and motherhood. I’m not unique. Bwaaaahhhhhhh. 

Jenny from the Blog (A play off of Jennifer Lopez and Jenny From the Block)  is a humor columnist, on-air lifestyle expert, Host of The Jenny Isenman Show on Cafe Mom, and a proud mama of two. Isn’t she adorable?

Here’s a little more from her biography:

“I’m also a cellulite/wrinkle obsessed, pop-culture junkie and card carrying Gen Xer (oh, they have cards). I’m

known as Jenny from the Blog at my site The Suburban Jungle. I guarantee that reading it will make you tanner, smarter, and reduces cellulite. Well, at the very least, it’ll make you more literate”

I discovered Jenny on the Gen X page on Reddit. They linked to her post 50 Random Things I Remember From the 80s. Featured on her list are the disgustable (ha!) Garbage Pail Kids and Mona Loser.

Here’s a special book for Jenny from the Blog, Suburban Jungle. The Book Jungle Jenny.


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    We’re totally soul mates… This just came up during a search and I’m honored. I’ll be checking you out, not like WIlly Ames in every episode of Charles in Charge… in a less creepy way!

    Jenny From the Blog

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