Cheese Weasel Day: Celebrate the Techies in Your Life

A party is planned at the 404 on Film Row in OKC.

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I want to tell you about the time I lost 10 pounds in three days. It started the day my external hard drive began clicking. I could hear the disk spinning and I could not access my files.

I’d thought it was invincible; free from viruses and daily wear. I saved to it all the images I’d taken of my family over five years; 7,000 files including pictures of my baby girl, Bridgette, coming into the world. My son, Sullivan, on his first day of Kindergarten. My first born, Juliette, graduated from 4th grade. Christmases, birthdays, Easters.

I took it to a local computer shop and they told me they couldn’t fix it. They referred me to a local techie who didn’t think he could fix it either. He told me about a last ditch effort I might make, but it would cost me $1,200.

We packed my external hard drive in bubble wrap and shipped my precious memories to a multi-million dollar clean room in California’s Silicon Valley. There, a group of techies saved my pictures.

About 20 years ago, a holiday for techies know as Cheese Weasel Day, began in the Silicon Valley. According to urban legend, a couple at a park saw a weasel carrying a piece of cheese, and decided it was the Cheese Weasel who puts cheese under the mouse pads of all good, little tech industry workers.

Chris Forbes, an Oklahoman who is the author of Guerrilla Marketing for Nonprofits, has advocated for Cheese Weasel Day for several years. This year he’s teamed up with Bobby Lehew of Oklahoma City’s Robyn Promotions. They’ve come up with some cool swag for techies. I like the Weasel Keeper, great for the iPad and The Big Weasel. A spread of cheese, truffles, caviar and crackers.

But, what’s all this about really? Why do techies need a holiday? Aren’t they known for being kinda grumpy? They’re always focusing on numbers, seeing things in black and white, driving us all crazy.

The thing is, even though they’re the belles of the ball and companies depend on them to stay competitive, techies get pushed to the side. No matter how many times they save your crashed computer, fix your copier, increase traffic to your website or bring you a hot new cell phone app, they still struggle to have a place at the management table.

Here is a message for all the techies listening today. Stop asking why you don’t get more respect and start recognizing your influence. You’re quick and clever. You don’t like under-handed co-workers and back-room deals. This makes you a great candidate for leadership. You have great ideas, but you’re not a sovereign nation. So, give yourself permission to build relationships and mingle.

A Cheese Weasel Day Party is planned for April 3, at the 404 on Film Row in downtown Oklahoma City. More details are at


Post Script Shout-Out
I really feel blessed to have Chris and Bobby in my social network. I also consider them both friends. They are amazing doers and I admire them both so much. By the way, Chris also does independent film promotion. Last March, I blogged about his work with a film about Lottie Moon

Also, since I mentioned Robyn Promotions and Bobby Lehew, I want to pass along an update about him that I saw last night on another friend’s Facebook page. Brian Blake, also with Robyn, posted that Bobby will deliver the keynote at the annual conference of the Specialty Advertising Association of California. This is one of the most important conferences in the industry, and it’s an honor to have someone represent Oklahoma like this.


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