Infographic: The ABCs of Generation Z (Help fill in the blanks)

Generation Z (1995 to 2009) is the first completely global generation. Visit The ABC of Gen Z: The Digital, Visual and Global Generation to understand how Gen Z uses digital technology differently than Baby Boomers and Generations X and Y.

Can you name all the digital companies featured in this Generation Z infographic? Help me fill in the blanks!
A for Amazon
B for Blogger 
C for _______________
D for Digg
E for eBay
F for Facebook
G for Google
H for _______________
I for Instagram
J for Java
K for Klout
L for Linked In
M for MSN 
N for Nintendo
O for _______________
P for Pinterest
Q for Quora
R for Reddit
S for Stumble Upon
T for Twitter (I would add Tumblr)
U for _______________
V for _______________
W for WordPress
X for _______________ (Is that Xing?)
Y for YouTube
Z for _______________
At one time, “S” could have stood for Second Life and “Y” for Yahoo. 


  1. Karin P says

    O is for Orkut. H is driving me NUTSO — I know that I know it!
    U looks familiar, too. I am on a search, so let me see if I come up with anything. :-)

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