Magazine Crush

Some women have crushes on shoes and purses. More power to ’em. My life might have been easier if I’d been of the same persuasion. But, nooooo. I had to have crushes on cameras and magazines. Typefaces, too. I mean, I actually feel sorry for Comic Sans and Curlz. They get no respect.

So, I’m pretty thrilled to have snagged a recent photo as a freelancer in one of my favorite Oklahoma brands, Oklahoma Today. They published a picture from some of my stock of Bridgy in front of the children’s fountain at Myriad Gardens, Oklahoma City. It’s in the most recent issue, March/April.
The photo was taken last year during the Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts.

Many thanks to Megan and Steffie, and you, too, Super Bridgy. What a ham.

Magazine Crush #1 Oklahoma Today

Magazine Crush #2 SLICE

Also, last spring, I shot a picture of Sully with some of his school friends at a baseball game. I submitted it to Slice Magazine‘s reader submission page, Last Look. I was pretty excited to learn they were going to use it in an upcoming issue, and here it is! Many thanks to Mia and Elizabeth! And, thank you, Sully, for always smiling big.


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