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Okla Home Land and I Love You Graffiti

OKLA HOME LAND is the latest graffiti to grace an Oklahoma City wall made famous by a recent marriage proposal. It’s located in the Plaza District, and a guy asked his girlfriend to marry him, it was just the ugly cinder block side of the Coin Op Laundry.

Oklahoma Graffiti in Plaza District

OKLA HOME LAND was probably painted in the last 24-48 hours. I heard about it via a tip emailed to me from a reader who knows I dig street art.

Oklahoma Graffiti in Plaza District

I think she’s a big improvement over the plain cinder block.

Oklahoma Graffiti in Plaza District

I like the subtle pink tone of her skin and the rouge.

I LOVE YOU Graffiti and Marriage Proposal

The now locally-famous “I LOVE YOU,” marriage proposal.

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  1. jessie

    anyone know if the “I love you” paint is still up today?? It’s so beautiful!

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