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5 Innovations Produced by Generation X:

Guest Post by Rachel Thomas on Generation X Innovation

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Keeping the Wheel Spinning

Although the Baby Boomers started the technological ball rolling, it is Generation X that is increasing its momentum. It is we who are putting what we’ve learned in the late 20th century into practice to ensure that there is a future in the 21st. Generation X is responsible for a great deal of innovative creations that have made life easier across the board. Using what the generation before us laid out, we’ve taken the materials and exponentially increased our technological level over the years.


Generation Xers were the first to invest into hardcore gaming in a digital world. We are the ones who propelled the market into developing and continuously improving itself. Once we obtained the proper knowledge, we invested our time to take those games to new heights provided by ever increasing technological growth. We are why XBox and Playstation 3 are so popular. You would think that we’d get a thank you somewhere.

Mobile Devices

In our younger days, PDAs were in many pockets. However, our innovative mindset wouldn’t be held back by a small pocket organizer. Mobility is key in our world today and it is Generation X that ensured its survival. We were the ones who migrated our parents from land-line telephones to cellular services. It was our expansion of needing technical toys that spawned tablets from PDAs.


Save The…

On the cusp of Generation X were our parents who believed in world peace and saving everything from the whales to the world. Using technology as our guide, we have put into practice what they could only have dreamt. We’ve developed CFL bulbs, thermal barrier paint additives, advancements in solar and wind energy, organic food products, and much more. Our generation is loaded with geeks who are able to utilize technology to solve nearly any problem. We can only hope that the torch is passed to a generation that can continue to be innovative for the improvement of the species as a whole.

Social Media

When we were children, social media sites consisted of Bulletin Board Systems that we connected with using a dial-up 300 baud modem. Messages were predecessor to email and ASCII graphics provided life for our turn-based gaming capabilities. From this simple form of entertainment, we have put together the means to allow multiple people to access a single social media site for a variety of purposes such as chat, messaging, and even gaming. We were the last generation to buy rolls of stamps in order to send letters to family members on the other side of the state. Now we can communicate globally almost instantaneously.

Vehicle Performance

While our parents told use stories of the muscle cars they had while growing up, we knew we could improve on them. Using technology, we’ve reinforced mileage, stability, and even added aerodynamic flare to designs. We made these vehicles more efficient on the road while increasing the ability to prevent injuries.

Each generation provides a continuation of technology based on what was left behind by predecessors. This process has been going on for a millennia. While some generations seem to do their hardest to destroy what humanity has built for itself, there is always a generation who learn from those experiences in order to revolutionize a way of thinking. So far in this century, it’s Generation X.


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