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Study: Gen Xers Most Unsatisfied With Physical, Emotional Health

 Generation X Unsatisfied With Health

Generation Stressed

Generation Stressed

health infographicHere’s another news release on the dismal state of Generation X. This time it’s more physical and emotional, than financial. According to a news  release I received this morning, Gen Xers are the least satisfied with their health. Click Americans Satisfaction With Their Health,  a complementary infographic.

Worthington, Ohio (PRWEB) June 19, 2013

Three in five (59.9%) Americans are satisfied with their overall health according to a Prosper Insights & Analytics analysis of the latest American Pulse™ data. Members of the Silent Generation have the highest Health Satisfaction Score in America followed by Millennials, Boomers and Gen X.

June 2013 Health Satisfaction Score – Indexed to Adults 18+

Silent Generation – 112.5
Millennials – 101.8
Boomers – 101.2
Generation X – 91.7

Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics™
To be read as: Score of 100 is flat to Adults 18+; Score of 105 indicates score is 5% higher than Adults 18+.

While Millennials tend to be more satisfied with their health, they are not necessarily happier with their life. This month’s Happiness Indicator (indexed to Adults 18+) for the youngest crowd is tracking at 93.9, while Gen X is at 95.7. Happiness appears to improve with age as both Boomers and the Silent Generation are indexing higher at 102.4 and 114.2, respectively.

“Millennials appear to be an anomaly when it comes to health and happiness, said Dianne Kremer, Senior Analyst at Prosper Insights & Analytics. “Overall, they are generally satisfied with their health but they are lacking in the happiness department. The other segments’ Health Satisfaction and Happiness Scores are more closely aligned to each other.”

Higher satisfaction among different areas of health including mental, spiritual, emotional and social drives the Silent Generation’s Health Score. The only category in which the oldest generation isn’t the most satisfied, not surprisingly, is physical health, indexing 7.7% lower than Adults 18+. On the other hand, Millennials are the only generation to index higher than Adults 18+ at nearly 20%.

Generally speaking, Gen X doesn’t appear to be satisfied with much of anything regarding their health. Further examination identifies things like depression, weight and lack of exercise to be pulling their score down.

June 2013 Health Satisfaction Scores by Category – Indexed to Adults 18+

Mental Health
Millennials – 100.9
Gen X – 88.5
Boomers – 103.0
Silent – 117.4

Spiritual Health
Millennials – 88.3
Gen X – 93.2
Boomers – 107.2
Silent – 116.1

Physical Health
Millennials – 119.4
Gen X – 98.8
Boomers – 90.7
Silent – 92.3

Emotional Health
Millennials – 99.6
Gen X – 89.0
Boomers – 102.5
Silent – 119.7

Social Health
Millennials – 104.6
Gen X – 90.3
Boomers – 100.3
Silent – 112.5

Source: Prosper Insights & Analytics™
To be read as: Score of 100 is flat to Adults 18+; Score of 105 indicates score is 5% higher than Adults 18+.

Are you unsatisfied with your health?

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