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Revisiting the Glass Insulators on Oklahoma’s Lawrie Stretch

Yesterday, I finally made it back up to State Highway 77, just north of Guthrie and south of Mulhall to see the glass insulators on the Lawrie Stretch. This is an area known as the Lawrie Stretch, which crosses the Cimarron River. Assuming I don’t buy a gypsy wagon or travel the world in a hot air balloon, this is where I’d like to retire. Like, in 40 years.

My mom went with me yesterday, which made it that much more special. It’s been the best July I can ever remember. Plenty of rainfall and cool nights here and there. Last night was no exception, and I was able to get lots of pictures of the glass insulators on the telephone poles that run parallel to the Santa Fe railroad. With my zoom lens, I was able to make out some of the markings. I think at least a few are pretty rare by collectors’ standards. Enjoy!!


Here is a lovely poem by Wesley Willis written in 2007. It’s called Emeralds in the Sky and it’s about glass insulators. I found it on the blog Serendipity. Check out the post, Antique Glass Insulators.

Emeralds in the Sky

A booming train derailed the silent night
The fallen poles in skins of moss unroll
A trains conductor pounding rails in-flight
Around the glass, and through the wires control

The rare conductors weren’t common names
Those colored jewels, emeralds in the sky
Atop the threaded perch, flamboyant flames
Where mustard yeller insulators spy

A million miles of wire across this land
Converting sounds from golden amber girls
To ears of purple ponies on demand
With pleated skirts a dancing dancer whirls

The hemingrays beside the lost zicme
Between the poles a catenaries sag
Our saddened faces watch a crosses plea
In piles of poles and crosses, raise the flag

Memories wonder through our minds of glass
Our crystal balls of color now amass
In homes of those who wonder why, and as
Memories never fading from our eyes
Our minds release the emeralds to the skies.

–Wesley Willis, 2007


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