Life happens to us all.

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Life happens to us all — if we’re lucky.

Linda Parkinsons: Diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease at age
Linda Parkinsons: Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at age 67.

If we’re lucky, we live long enough to grow old; to see our children’s children grow up. To see our own generation live through all four cycles of life as described by Strauss and Howe.

If we’re lucky, our generation accomplishes something great. Saturday was the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s march on Washington. King was a member of the Silent Generation.

From the National U.S. Archives on Flickr: Martin Luther King, Jr.
From the National U.S. Archives on Flickr: Martin Luther King, Jr.
From the National U.S. Archives on Flickr: Martin Luther King, Jr.
From the National U.S. Archives on Flickr: President Johnson signs the Voting Rights Act while Martin Luther King, Jr., and other civil rights activists look watch.

“Miley Cyrus is basically our generation’s Simone de Beauvoir”

ronan farrow

Right. Of course she is. Without Jean-Paul Sartre and an education. And essays. And novels. And France.

If we’re lucky, Farrow isn’t teaching French literature to America’s generation of Millennials (Generation Y) — or to anyone for that matter.

At any rate, it’s easier for me to understand why Miley Cyrus does the things she does when I consider the fate of all aging pop stars. Cyrus has about three years left before she ages out. By that time, she needs to have made enough money to carry her (and the lifestyle she’s accustomed to) into old age.

Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMAs.
Miley Cyrus at the 2013 VMAs and Simone de Beauvoir

A Generation of Indentured Servants

That’s almost too much hyperbole for me, but the Motley Fool said it and I get it. Student loans suck. If we’re lucky, we’ll see the whole system overhauled. In fact, Gen Y is going to end the student loan debt crisis — not through determination or ingenuity, but DEFAULT.

Student Loan Crisis Infographic
Click to Enlarge | Student Loan Crisis Infographic

Finally, if we’re lucky, there’ll be no more lost generations.

Avoiding a Lost Genertion of EntrepreneursClick here to read this report: Avoiding A Lost Generation: Young Entrepreneurs Identify Five Imperatives for Action.

The writer Ann Beattie said:

“I don’t think any serious writer wants to be called the spokesperson for their generation.”

And here’s the latest, from one of the funniest people on Twitter, Gen-Xer Tim Siedell:

“The greatest thing my generation did is stand up to the metric system. There should be a giant foot statue somewhere.”

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