6 Ways to Use an Online Baby Journal to Preserve Family History

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Baby 1971
Cute little Gen-Xer 1971 | Photo made available for download on Flickr via Tomato Child

At some point in life, every individual wants to learn about their lineage. Give your baby the answers he’ll need by creating an online baby journal for him to refer back to when he’s older. With an online baby journal you cannot only chronicle your baby’s everyday moments and major milestones, you can write the story of his life.

How can you use an online baby journal to preserve your family’s history?

1.       Include a family tree. An online baby journal is a great place to include a family tree. Use a family tree to track your family’s history as far back as you can go. Use an online template or create a document in a word processing program to depict your child’s lineage. Insert the family tree as a photo image into your baby’s book.

2.       Track medical history. Kidmondo.com, one of the first online baby journals, provides users with a template to track growth as well as food and medical journals. You can even use the dental chart to document when your baby got which teeth and when. Including any medical concerns in your baby’s journal provides you with an easy place to document them for future reference.

3.       Showcase family traditions. If you want to pass on family traditions, documenting them can help you do that. In your child’s baby book be sure to include photos of any celebrations that are special to your family. Be sure to add captions or journaling that outline the importance of the celebration and how your family celebrates.

Baby 1971 with Raggedy And
Another Gen-Xer, 1971 | Photo made available for download on Flickr via Hirby Fam

4.       Document trends in families. When you look closely, yo

u may be able to find trends that run in families like similarities in when children reached developmental milestones. You may also be able to notice things like family members who share birthmarks or interests, if you compare baby journals of family members carefully.

 5.       Compare pictures of family members. There’s nothing as powerful as photos of family members who strongly resemble each other compared side to side to validate a sense of belonging to a family. Include photos of your baby alongside photos of you and your spouse -and even grandparents -when you were of similar age to see who your baby resembles most.

 6.       Include generational photos.  One of the best ways to chronicle your baby’s life is to chroniclewhere he came from.  Be sure to include photos of your baby with his maternal and paternal grandparents as well as photos with extended family.  If possible, include a photo with your baby, you, your mom and your grandmother. Include as many generations as you can. Be sure to include text captions in all your photos that state who is in them and when they were taken.

Unlike traditional baby books that require tons of time and energy to update, online baby books let you make updates anytime, anywhere you have Internet access. If you’re looking for an easy solution to chronicling your baby’s story, considering bringing your child’s baby book online.

Michelle LaRowe is a mom, parenting author, and the editor-in-chief of Longhorn Leads, parent company of KidMondo, www.KidMondo.com,  one of the first online baby journals. Her books include Nanny to the Rescue! and Working Mom’s 411. In 2004 she was awarded the International Nanny Association Nanny of the Year award.

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