Blogging Bootcamp Presentations

The five-week Blogging Bootcamp course I taught at Oklahoma Contemporary is over, except it isn’t. We decided to extend it another week after the very unexpected loss of a class member. I will remember Kathy for the loyalty she had to her job, the commitment she had to her family and the hopes and dreams she had for blogging. RIP Beautiful Girl.

Kathy shared an idea with the class for the launch of her blog that was so awesome, I’m never sharing it with anybody. It’s just there for the class to hold sacred — for one of them to take and run with to achieve their own dreams if they see fit. I see it as one of the gifts Kathy left behind for our small group.

Blogging Bootcamp Course

So, it’s been a great class, and I called it bootcamp because it was catchy (totally stolen), but turns out, it was quite fitting. I tried to pack a decade of technical know-how and anecdotes into five weeks. RSS, Plugins, Widgets, SEO, Tribes, Platforms, Google+ and much more. It was a whirlwind, and I learned more than anyone. Here are links to the five presentations.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

These were just a guide for the course, but you will find some useful links. Enjoy!


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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this. Lots of good stuff in there. It is amazing (to me, nobody else I am sure) how after over 1800 posts I know so little about blogging. One thing (out of many things) that I realized after looking over your material was that I had no way of letting people know what Yogi’s Den was about once they landed on the blog. So I’ve been trying to address that.

    Maybe you shouldn’t have given your presentations away but I’m glad you did.

    Take Care!!

  2. Shoshana Wasserman says

    I love that you shared all the material you created. It speaks to your want to help others understand the digital space. We are all better when we help each other and I appreciate all the work you put into the boot camp as well as the lil community you have created as a result of your class. Thank you!

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