Six Words Kids Want To Hear

boy playing with Legos
Watch You Play

I came across an article a couple of weeks ago in Huffington Post that talks about the six words parents should say to their children.

Likewise, it’s six words kids want to hear

I love to watch you play. It inspired me to do this photo essay of Sullivan playing with his legos. He was playing by the backdoor on one of our first cool, autumn days here in Oklahoma. It kind of looks like he’s aiming a gun with the toys, but he’s actually pretending to focus a camera. Sully is a great little photographer and he loves to take pictures.

How To Play With Legos

I love to watch you play, Sully!

Do your kids play with Legos? Here’s a fun Lego poem for grown ups!

The Lego Man in his Lego house
Made Lego love with his Lego spouse
While his Lego cat Caught a Lego mouse
And all was well in Legoland. –Smallshaw, Source

Click here to discover more poems about legos.

Click here to discover 10 things you should never say to your kids. I think I’ve said all of these, which makes me feel like a bigger loser than I already do most of the time. Sigh. Parenting is not for the faint of heart or weak-kneed, right? I do love my kids…

What do your kids want to hear?


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