JFK Infographics, Kennedy Selfie

Friday is the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. Here’s a list of nine links related to that horrible day. Most of them are infographics except this first one. It answers the question, Whatever happened to Jackie’s pink suit?

Jackie Kennedy Dallas Pink Sui
Jackie Kennedy | Famous Pink Suit

JFK Infographics

A popular infographic highlighting the Warren Commission’s findings and conspiracy theories.

An infographic to help you choose which JFK book to read next.

Wonderfully illustrated Famous Last Meals infographic including Kennedy’s: eggs, toast and marmlade.

Washington Post: A Moment That Changed Everything including a timeline of events.

Ich bin ein Berliner: Here’s an infographic done for the German site, Zeit Online, Kennedys letzte Minuten.

In case you’ve never seen this, here are the stunning similarities between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

A Brief History of the Kennedy’s in Politics

You only have to see this once to never forget it.

A Kennedy Selfie

I love this picture of Ethel Kennedy (RFK’s wife) Jackie and John. It was taken in 1954. It’s a selfie. Who knew? Speaking of selfies, did you see the one General Colin Powell posted on Facebook? It’s a must-see.

Ethel, Jackie and JFK in 1954
Ethel, Jackie and JFK in 1954


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