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Pomegranate Tree, Wildscapes, Thanksgiving

My heart is a pomegranate full of sweet fancies,
To crimson with sunshine and swell with the dew.
Warmed by your smile and besprent by your glances
See, it has opened for you!
–Lesbia Harford

Happy Thanksgiving!

I was driving through the historic neighborhood of Linwood Place on Sunday and noticed these orange things hanging over the street.

Orange things that look like oranges but aren't. kumkwats?

I don’t know what you are, orange things. Oranges?

I have no idea what they are. Does anybody know? They’re too round to be kumquats. Maybe just oranges?

While I was poking around I noticed a pomegranate tree. Pretty wild, eh? I’ve lived in the Heartland for 30 years and never knew you could grow these things here.

can you grow pomegranates in Oklahoma

Pomegranates in Autumn

can you grow pomegranates in Oklahoma

Red Berries of a pomegranate






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  1. Tom Smith

    Actually, it’s a trifoliate or “mock” orange. It makes a very effective living fence for livestock when planted close together.

    • Jennifer

      Someone finally solves the mystery. Thanks so much, Tom. They’re just beautiful!

  2. Connie

    The orange in the picture is hardy orange .


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