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The Teens Were Nestled All Snugg in their iPads

ipad case stand

iPad Case by Snugg

I received an invitation from Snugg to choose a leather iPad case to review on my blog. I hate doing product reviews, but they had me at leather.

So, I chose this apple green leather case that is super, super nice. The Snugg makes me not hate product reviews, probably because I really, really like it and I’m really, really grateful they sent it to me.

And, just so ya’ll know, it smells like teen spirit, I mean leather.

I’ve had two different iPad cases before this one. Neither one could even begin to compare to the Snugg, which is exactly why the brand was born over drinks with friends talking about how bad iPad cases suck. Snugg (actually The Snugg) also makes other tablet accessories, Kindle covers, Smartphone cases and more.

Bye-Bye Backpack?

By the way, Juliette’s school will issue iPads to all students as early as next year. School starts late every Wednesday this fall because teachers are doing special training on how to teach using the iPad. I hope this means Juliette can offload some of the weight in her backpack soon. It’s so heavy she leans forward. I was at her school recently to see her dance class perform, and I was stunned by the sea of backpacks outside the auditorium. There were hundreds of them.

sea of backpacs high school

Hundreds of burdens.

Hundreds of deadlines.

Hundreds of expectations.

Sea of Backpacks

Sea of Backpacks

Backpacks are serious fashion in high school, especially if you attend a school that requires uniforms. (Thank goodness they almost all do these days.) That means as more and more teens are issues iPads, the more fashion forward they’re going to be. I loved this article on the combination of fashion and technology on the Snugg site. By the way, the Los Angeles Unified School District is moving forward with an iPad plan. and every school kid in Thailand already has one.

iPad Homework

Basically, the iPad is changing the learning landscape. It’s transforming the way Generation Z is taught and more importantly, how and even what they will learn. It holds tremendous learning possibilities for all students. So, an awesome case to protect this powerful, creative tool is a must-have. I can’t recommend the Snugg enough. It’s super high quality. They come in all different colors. I chose green because I’ve wasted enough time looking for my classy black TV remotes. I needed something I could spot from across the room, in the toy box, under the couch cushion or on top of the fridge.

ipad case by Snugg

Just so you know, the stand on the Snugg case is really exceptional, too. As in, it actually works. Also, staying true to its name, the Snugg holds the iPad snuggly in place.

Snugg iPad Case for Teens

The Snugg in Apple Green


Here is who I hold snuggly in place: my homework-laden teenager.

Kids Nightvision Goggles

Isn’t my messy counter beautiful?

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[schema type=”product” url=”” name=”Snugg iPad 2 Case ” description=”A leather iPad2 case with integrated flip stand. ” brand=”Snugg” manfu=”Snugg” model=”B004QIPH5U” price=”$35.99″ condition=”New” ]

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  1. Brett

    I know next to nothing about the tech involved, but I would think that modding the iPad so that kids could only use it for school stuff would almost be the same as commissioning a unit designed for that purpose. Since the schools want a specialized setup, the company has to put more work into it and that raises their costs. They then happily pass those on to their customers. 😉

    I cost my folks $25 by losing my math book in 1977; what’s going to happen when kids lose or break these and Mom and Dad are on the hook for more than $500? And there was a story a couple of years ago about a school district in Pennsylvania that gave their kids Mac laptops that had a security camera which could be activated remotely — which school officials apparently used to spy on a kid who they said was selling drugs in his home and accuse him of that. When parents start getting notes from the school that their kids need to clean their rooms…

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