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Turbeau’s Sticker Art

I first spotted Turbeau’s sticker art in September. It was on a mailbox at the post office on NW 16th Street east of Portland Avenue. I posted a picture of the Radish on Instagram. Benny Jacobs responded, “Turbeau?” Later, Turbeau confirmed it was his (her?) work. Here is a screenshot of the exchange. You can click it to enlarge it.

Turbeau Sticker Art

I went back a few days later, but Mr. Radish was gone.

On Saturday, I had a few things to mail and once again, I got lucky and spotted Turbeau’s street art on the same drop box. This time, I had my Nikon with me. Yea!

Hamburger Sticker Art

Hamburger Sticker Art

This little guy kind of reminds me of Mayor McCheese who some folks tried to bring back from obscurity via a website and Facebook page. Poor Mayor.


Turbeau has a store on StorEnvy where you can buy his sticker art. I really like these bearded Oklahoma stickers. Click here to buy some.

Turbeau Stickers StorEnvy Sticker Graffiti

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