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Girl playing with snow in Oklahoma.

My Sweet Bridgette

By 2 p.m. on Thursday, roads in Oklahoma City were pretty hazardous. Yesterday, they called a snow day. Yea! I spent two hours going to five stores looking for waterproof gloves for my kids.

Jeep People

Let me just say, I’ve never been happier to be a Jeep People than I was yesterday because this thing hugged the roads and kept me safe. Totally makes up for how much it has bounced the crap out of me while driving down even moderately bumpy roads. But, hey, no ditches for me. After two years, I finally figured out how to put it in 4WD. Just so you know, I did not find this information on any Jeep website. I found it on eHow, which has *totally* been wrongly accused of being a content farm. eHow saves my life, people. So does If I need a hack for my blog, nine times out of 10 I find it on About.

USPS Rain Snow or ShineSo, it wasn’t quite a Snowmageddon, but everything still shut down. Well, almost everything.

Do you know how guilty I feel when I don’t clear my porch stairs for the mail carrier? I feel like a horrible person every time. I always want to offer him a cup of coffee, but I’m always afraid he’s going to ask, “Is this liquid, perishable or hazardous?” lol.


Here are some more pictures of our awesome time in the snow.


Blue Sky Snow Day

I can’t remember a snow day that had a bluer sky. It’s usually the color of the sidewalk this time of year.

How To Make A SnowballSometimes, the snow is perfect for snowmen and snowballs, but not this snow. Wondering how to make a perfect snowball? Check out this blog from the famous Oklahoma-based blog, The Art of Manliness.

I love the mix of these Hanukkah lights with the Spanish-style architecture of this house. Aren’t my neighbors awesome? We love ’em! They have the brightest lights on the street and all season long I get to hear my kids say Happy Harmonica!

Hanukkah Lights on House

snowfall paseo

Snowfall on the Paseo Arts District

Make a small house look cute

I love it when someone in a small house makes a big effort, like these homeowners in Oklahoma City’s Paseo District. So cute!

Beautiful Cranberry Red Door on White House with Green Trim

Beautiful Cranberry Red Door on White House with Green Trim

Speaking of cute, I’m in love with this house on Carey Place in Oklahoma City. The red door is so gorgeous! There’s a big urban legend behind this enclave in the Gatewood Historic Neighborhood. Carey Place was always a fun trek during my college years. Now, I pass it six days out of seven.

Klout, #PeopleVIP

A couple of days ago, I received an awesome perk in the mail. Thank you, Klout and #PeopleVIP. This perk had the best presentation of any I’ve ever received.

Klout Perk PeopleVIP

Klout Perk People VIP


Just as I was finishing up this post, an earthquake trembled all across Central Oklahoma. They even felt it in Stillwater where OSU was gearing up to play against OU. At that very moment, I was editing this picture, which has both Cowboy orange and Sooner red. Magic, friends. Pure, #Snowquake magic. I feel dizzy. And, yes, those are man-size gloves on my little boy. They’re the only ones I could find on my trek through the Okie tundra.


This earthquake business in Oklahoma is starting to scare the bejeebers out of me. According to the U.S. Geological Survey it was 4.5.

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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  1. Andi

    I miss snow…not driving in it, but the staying home and watching it part.

  2. Jessica Miller-Merrell


    I absolutely love this post and I love the graphic design. It is gorgeous. As someone who also dabbles in this, I know how time consuming it was for you to put together this post. It is simply stunning.

    Missing you lots here and I say I’m just a little bit homesick for the snow. It’s been extremely cold here having gotten below freezing a couple days in the last week. My fruit trees are covered in blankets.


  3. Alan Bates

    I love your Field Journal. Now you need to use your jeep to go bouncing down some double tracks to find some long lost geocaches.

  4. Jennifer

    I absolutely loved this blog post! As a fellow resident of
    OKC, I always get so giddy reading and going, “I know
    Where that is!”

    The snowquake was insane! It shook the entire house and, like a person that’s watched too many made for TV movies, I ran to the doorway. It did make me think of the episode of Saved by the Bell, where Mrs. Belding gives birth in the elevator after an earthquake. But I digress.

    Loved the pictures of the snow and how truly beautifully you capture our city!

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