Week 49 [Field Journal]

It’s the silly season as they say, but it doesn’t feel silly. It feels redemptive; challenging and magical. I’m involved in a project for work that has forced me to think a lot about the second half of my life. What will my career look like when my kids are grown and gone? Am I making the most of this time with my children? I’m not ready for them to start leaving me! I thought Gen-Xers were perpetually too young. Not anymore, huh?

As an older Xer I always feel obligated to warn all the younger Xers of what’s ahead; how fast their 10-year-olds will become 16-year-olds. How once they start high school you won’t see them very much anymore. But, then, I think — why ruin it for them? Why put a damper on things? Just let them find out for themselves. Every year is a new adventure, and every year is unique in its own way.

Christmas Dance

My beautiful teenager getting ready for the school Christmas dance.

I had a late meeting on Thursday and wasn’t home to fix Bridgy’s hair for the annual school Christmas pageant. Big sister stepped in and helped. I can’t believe my baby is six-years-old.

I’m probably going to say something like this every time I post a field journal entry.

I remember an Amy Grant concert I attended in 1996, or maybe it 1997. Grant talked about her five-year-old daughter and said she wanted to make time stand still. That daughter is now in her 20s. Childhood is so brief, and yet it determines so much of our lives.

School Christmas Program Angel

The school year is just flying by! We’ve got soccer and fall baseball behind us and we’ve started basketball season. You know what that means? Cold Saturday mornings sitting on cold bleachers. I do like to watch my son play ball — any kind of ball as long as he’s having fun.

Basketball Season Gymnasium Floor

You may have noticed I have a new masthead. I hired someone from 99Designs, and now I’m tweaking it a little bit. Because life is better when you can tweak the heck out of something. Ha! So, here’s another version I’ve been messing around with. I’d love your feedback. (Click to enlarge.)

Generation X Years

I am thrilled to report that my field journal has inspired at least one person! Please do yourself a big favor had click on over to BobbyLehew.com. He’s started doing field journal entries that are truly inspiring. His explanation of the word “commonplace” gives new meaning to entries like this. I absolutely loved it and if you’re a blogger or writer you will, too.

“A commonplace book was a “common place” to park a written collection (much like a scrapbook) of notes from speeches, aphorisms, enlightening quotes, significant passages read, etc. “Commonplacing” was so popular in early modern Europe that schools such as Oxford actually taught their students the craft of commonplacing. John Milton, John Locke, and in later centuries even Auden and Forster kept commonplace books.”

Click here to read his entry for Week 49, Beyond the Commonplace.



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  1. Andi

    I love 99 designs, I just used them for a project for my hubby. I liked the color-version, it pops!


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