365 Days Of Me Not Blogging

365 Days of Me Not Blogging

I went to the grocery store yesterday, and the entire time I was there I talked to a friend on the phone. I only got clipped in the heels three times by a disgruntled shopper, so we’re good.

My friend and I talked about a lot of things including the latest round of “365 Days Of…” blog memes that began with the start of the New Year. I told her I was tired of blogging and maybe I should start a new meme, “365 Days Of Me Not Blogging” on this here umm, top Oklahoma City blog.

You know how it’s really boring when someone tells you how she laughed hysterically, and OMG it was sooooooooooooooo funny and you really had to be there? You just sit there (like we all just sit there in these situations) fighting to make your obligatory laugh not sound obligatory. I’m not going to put you through that, but just so you know, we were very funny. There on the bread aisle I imaginated 365 Days of Me Not Blogging.

So, this will basically involve me not blogging. Ha! Just watch — these posts will probably be the best ever.

Here’s me not blogging yesterday. I went to breakfast with my mother. She turns 80 this year! 80!! I love her so much. She’s a big reason I started 365 Days of Me Not Blogging.

Jimmys Egg

This Facebook post from my mom finalized my decision.

my momWhat are your plans for the New Year? How are you doing to spend your next 365 days — or so?



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