Conversations When I Wasn’t Blogging

[365 Days of Me Not Blogging]

This not blogging stuff is pretty fun.

Here is me not blogging talking to Bridgy at bedtime.


Is God everyone?


I don’t know what you mean. Is God everyone? You mean everywhere?


No, is God everyone? Is God the dog?


Do you mean in the dog?


Or is it Jesus? Is Jesus everyone? I guess it’s God.


I don’t know what you mean. God is everywhere. Do you mean is God in everyone?


I think the spirit of God is on everyone. They just want more and more and that is bad and ruins it.


I think what God has revealed to you about people and things is the truth.


Here’s me coming back from a meeting where I learned more about the state’s rural firefighting program. The timing did not escape me.

Smoke Oklahoma HighwaySmoke off the highway | Interstate 40 East of Oklahoma City

And, then there’s this. John Johansen’s masterpiece has been approved for demolition. A generation not yet born will mourn its passing just like my generation mourns the Criterion. As if the city’s urban destroyal program wasn’t enough.

Stage Center John Johansen demolition[subscribe2]

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