First Kisses

Memorable Kiss

From the movie, The Notebook

First Kisses

The First Kiss video that went viral was completely weird. I wasn’t going to mention it because it seemed like everyone loved it, but then the A-list blogger Penelope Trunk mentioned that she found it touching — and disturbing.

Here it is in case you haven’t seen it. With the exception of one couple, it seemed like they were all trying to land a chewing gum commercial or walk-on role in a Broadway play.

I think if a person gives away their kisses so easily, eventually no one will want them. This is what I tell my daughters — and my son. I think kisses should be reserved only for people we love. I did not feel this way when I was younger, but I feel this way now. I kiss my children on their cheeks every morning and every night. I send them off into the world, into sleep with the seal of my love. It is a gentle reminder that I cherish and adore them. I am the person God has assigned to them — to be their advocate in the interim between their birth and my death.

The Worst Kiss

The worst kiss is a debit. We have all had these unfortunate kisses. It draws something out that isn’t there. It manipulates in an effort to neutralize insecurity and fear. It forces affection that isn’t there to seal commitment that doesn’t exist. These kisses can actually make you sick to your stomach.

The Best Kiss

The best kiss — the kiss you can never forget — is the kiss that draws out the lingering soreness from the heartaches of life. This kiss asks for nothing in return. It is one of the rarest of gifts. It is not lust masquerading as passion. It is pure affection (not artificial), born out of gratitude, respect, admiration and love. These are the kind of kisses we all long for.

So, I could kiss a stranger, but not like the strangers in this video. I could kiss a stranger like the would-be lovers kissed during air raids in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943. They made love on the rooftops while bombs fell on ground targets. Precious kisses to drive away the doom and the disaster that became their lives. A final act of defiance that reclaims fate. A courageous rebellion that says, “You may wound me, even kill me, but I own my final moments and I will rail against your madness and my final destiny will be an act of love.”


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    I love that you talk to your kids about kisses and what they mean. Most parents don’t and that’s too bad. I kiss my son and husband I think at least 20 times a day. I love to give kisses. Mwuah!

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    I am curious to know if any of these people continued forward, if any relationships were forged in the fire of those kisses. Because some of them looked pretty intense and some of those couples seemed really into one another.
    There’s magic in kissing–a kiss makes the difference between a friend or lover, a brief thought or an obsession. I’m not so interested in that video as I am in the story of what may have followed.

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