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How the Muppets Created Generation X + More Gen-X News

grapes of wrath

Today, The Grapes of Wrath turns 75. This was one of my favorite books in college. Since I’m from Oklahoma is has even more significance for me. By the way, here is a post I wrote about some interesting artwork in Oklahoma City as it relates to the Dust Bowl.

The Muppets and Generation X

Millennials just don’t get it! How the Muppets created Generation X (Salon):

…But the generation that is most attached to the Muppets is surely Generation X; for adults of a certain age, the Muppets make us nostalgic for our youth in the ’70s and ’80s. Though it was a time of economic trouble, nuclear threat and increasing divorce rates, it was also a time of arcades, station wagons and playing in the streets without parental supervision.”

This story reminds me of a guest post Tara wrote on this blog. It was a kind of tribute to Jim Henson.

Muppets and Myers-Briggs Personality Types

Muppets Myers-Briggs Personality Types

How Generation X Will Save the World (Scholars and Rogues) This blogger used to write about Generation X frequently. I was glad to see her back with this piece.

On Brendan Small and Home Movies: How A Late-Nineties Series Animated The Divorce Epidemic (The Point Magazine)

A Gen-Xer writes about the death of the TV re-run. Check it out on ScreenCrush. What was your favorite re-run?

The Next America: America is in the midst of two demographic transformations. Our population is becoming majority non-white and a record share are going gray. Click here to read a wonderful new report from the Pew Research Center

From the Good Men Project: Frozen vs Little Mermaid: Two Anthems, Two Generations. I Want vs I Am
Matzo for Generations. I loved this story! It aired yesterday on CBS Sunday Morning, one of my favorite shows.
Music Generations:
music generations
Carlene Carter album bridges three generations.
The Silent Generation was anything but silent.
Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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