Weight Watchers Update: This Is Going To Take Forever!!

two more pointsSo, I’ve been on Weight Watchers over three weeks now and NOBODY is telling me I look like I’ve lost weight. That’s because I’ve only lost about five pounds! But, hey,  I haven’t gained any. This is the slowest diet in the universe. Today, I consumed 51 points. I was very bad. And, I enjoyed being very bad — eating chips and salsa.

I just want to point out that when I run for political office, someone is going to excerpt that phrase “I enjoyed being very bad,” and slap it on a nasty mailer with these pictures I should have never posted.

The good news is I’ve come to complete acceptance about the only-losing-two-pounds-a-week thing on this diet. If I keep it up, I could completely disappear in less than two years. =)

So, yeah, I’m definitely declaring my candidacy: Weight Loss Queen or something.

Anyway, I have nothing exciting to report, except that I managed to eat Mexican food and pizza and a Quaker Dips bar all in the same day. And, also I’m sick of drinking Crystal Light.

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