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McDonald’s: Phil A. O’Fish

Throwback Thursday

It’s time for another Throwback Thursday. The weeks are speeding by, and soon the kids will be out of school for the summer. Yea!

Today is McDonald’s 74th Birthday. Here are some of my favorite graphic memories from childhood. I especially love this first one. It’s an ad from 1976, the Bicentennial Era. I was living in Colorado, the Centennial State, at the time and my older sister worked at McDonald’s. I remember this so well!

McDonalds Bicentennial Era Shakes: Red, White and Blue.

McDonalds Bicentennial Era Shakes: Red, White and Blue.

I don’t remember Phil A. O Fish. The poor fish filet has taken such a beating over the years.

Phil A O Fish via Filet O Fish from McDonald's

Phil A O Fish via Filet O Fish from McDonald’s

I loved these banks. They made awesome trashcans for my Barbies. I always put them on the “curb” of my Tuesday Taylor summer/winter house.

McDonalds Wastebasket Bank

McDonalds Wastebasket Bank

All this stuff came from Jason’s Flickr Page. They’re screenshots, not downloads.

McDonalds Shirt 1970s

McDonald’s Shirt 1970s

What mother in her right mind would let her beautiful child wear a Ronald McDonald shirt in her school picture? An awesome one, that’s what! This photo can be found here on Flickr from recaf.

What’s your best McDonald’s memory from childhood?

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  1. Mari

    Do you remember those canvas backpacks–big mac attack packs? You were given one if you went up to the counter person & said: “two all beef patties special sauce lettuce pickles ketchup onions on a sesame seed bun!” I had a few of them. I think I also had a sister working at McDonald’s at the time as well. I also love shamrock shakes but hate the new fancy shakes. And I had forgotten about these banks but I totally had a few floating around!


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