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Rockin’ Refuel For Busy, Hungry Kids

A baseball player drinks high protein drink a protein drink called Rockin Refue

Catch some Rockin’ Refuel.

It’s not easy keeping my kids fueled up. They stay so busy with schoolwork and a variety of extracurricular activities and they are always hungry. I’m always worried about their nutrition and whether they’re getting enough of the right stuff.

Rockin Refuel High Protein Drink

To ease my mind, I depend a lot on high protein drinks. I really love one called Rockin’ Refuel. Some protein drinks taste really chalky, and my kids won’t drink them. They love Rockin’ Refuel. It’s a race to the fridge to see who gets the last one. (Sometimes, Dad wins.)

Speaking of Robert, throughout our lifespans, our fitness goals change. One thing that doesn’t change, however, is the importance of building and rebuilding muscles with protein. Depending on which one you need to do — build or rebuild — there is a Rockin’ Refuel product for you.

rockin productsIf you want to build, choose Lean Builder or Muscle Builder.

Lean Builder
20 grams of protein
150 calories
8 net carbs
6 grams sugar

Muscle Builder
30 grams of protein
190 calories
9 net carbs
6 grams of sugar

If you want to rebuild, choose Lean Recovery or Muscle Recovery.

Lean Recovery
No Sugar Added
17 grams of protein
2:1 carb to protein ratio

Muscle Recovery
20 grams of protein
2:1 carb to protein ratio

Rockin’ Refuel In Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, you can buy Rockin’ Refuel at 7-11, Circle K, Love’s, Quik Trip and Wal-Mart.  You can also order it online. While you’re poking around their website, be sure to check out the video of Kellie Pickler, spokesperson for Rockin’ Refuel, teaching Patrick Willis the right way to do a victory dance.

Disclosure:  I received seven bottles of Rockin’ Refuel to assist in the review of this product. Nobody told me what to write. Click here for my complete blog disclosure and disclaimer.

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