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Kodak Paintings; Harry Potter Midlife Crisis + More Gen-X News

Watanbes Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis Arcade Game?

Diogo Lopes is 21 and just graduated from the Winchester School of Art. His senior project was an arcade game Its Watanabe’s Midlife Crisis and it tells the story of a middle-aged man’s troubles to get through his crisis and how he dealt with all of it.

watnabe midlife crisis

Fight Club Sequel

Fight Club gets a sequel, but don’t get your hopes up too high. It’s a comic book series!

Generation Tablet

Kids Must Learn To Hack In The Real World

Kodak Paintings

Check out the Wreckless Eric Paintings Site. The artist writes:

I love the word KODAK. I love the packaging, the signs. Kodak, Kodachrome, Kodak Ektachrome, Kodak Sold Here. A modern word for a modern world that we were never going to forget. Now photography as we knew it is more or less extinct. Kodak, once such a modern word is the stuff of antiquity.

Kodak Paintings

Kodak Paintings

Harry Potter Has  Midlife Crisis

Artists Jason Mustain and Cole Mitchell created images of Harry Potter during his mid-life crisis.

Harry Potter Midlife Crisis Book Covers

Harry Potter Midlife Crisis Book Covers

1980s Stuff

This 1984-85 amateur documentary about high school fashion has been making the rounds. It features seven students from Antioch High School talking about their ideas about fashion.

Speaking of the 80s, check out this fun presentation about the 80s era font Motter Tekura, If The Font of the 80s Made A Comeback. Featured images include Facebook, Twitter and Reddit with Tekura font. Funny!

Tekura Font


Check this out: 23 80s Revival Playlists including a list for my daughter Juliette featuring what I might have listened to in my “teenage bedroom.”

Demographic Shifts

The Changing Demographics of America via Smithsonian Magazine.

The next surge in growth may be delayed if tough economic times continue, but over time the rise in births, producing a generation slightly larger than the boomers, will add to the workforce, boost consumer spending and generate new entrepreneurial businesses.

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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  1. Mari

    First of all, you know I love a playlist! I have 80s playlists for all my musical moods.
    Second of all, those Adidas are sweet! I shall be featuring them on my feets in the near future, I do believe.
    And lastly, I’m afraid to show my kids those Harry Potter cover fakes because they might freak out and either get too excited at the possibility or mad that someone has messed with their perfection (lol)!

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