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Generation Name Thirteeners and the Latest Gen X Links

Sometimes — like every day — I look at my 9-year-old son and wonder how did we go from four to nine in like three days? I snuggle with him every night while he says his prayers and lately the bed’s been getting smaller and smaller!

This weekend we’re celebrating his birthday with a big adventure in the boathouse district. I’ll be breaking out the blue glitter tonight to decorate paper whales for cupcake toppers. What are your plans for Labor Day Weekend?

Here are some fun and interesting links about generations I’ve come across lately.

Wells College Photo Archive

Check out these wonderful photos from the Wells College archive: From the Gay Nineties to Generation X: Wells College in the 1890s and the 1990s. When I look at these pictures I wonder if there will ever be another more formal generation? With every decade women look sloppier and sloppier.

Wells 1903

Irish Times

Generations: 10 decades of Irish life. Check out this series of interviews by Rosita Boland offering perspectives on Ireland from every age group.

Ireland banner

Online Habits

Generation X: Their Online Habits via The Practice.

Friends ReuniteFriends Reunite on Jimmy Kimmel

In case you missed it, here’s the reunion of Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox.

Another Generation X Dad Blog

I’ve highlighted several of these over the years. Here’s a new one on Tumblr: Generation-X Dad. A quote he has on his sidebar caught my attention:

“You win some, you lose some, but you live son, you live to fight another day.”

It’s from the 1995 movie Friday, which offers a great perspective on manhood and gun violence in this country. Click here to see the clip with the quote.

Generation Name Update: Remember When Xers Were Thirteeners?

When it comes to our Generation name, maybe Generation X wasn’t the best, but it’s certainly better than Thirteeners. Here’s an embedded tweet from @AdrienneLaF.

I’m aware that Strauss and Howe originally called Generation X the 13th Generation, but I’ve never heard the reference Thirteeners until today.

Generation Debt

Tis true, friends. Despite Aggressive Deleveraging, Generation X Remains “Generation Debt”

Generation X Housing Woes Impact Entire Market

The Middle Child of History

From Branstetter Blog: How Generation X Became America’s Middle Child. This is an excellent piece of writing and observation. Here’s an excerpt:

There is no home for Generation X. They watch TV like their parents did (but more often) and use the Internet like their kids do (but less often). Michael Harris, author of the new book The Absence, told Quartz ““If you were born before 1985, then you know what life is like both with the internet and without. You are making the pilgrimage from Before to After.”

Playing Dress Up: Billy Idol, Magnum P.I., Judd Nelson

Marco Dapper at a Lonely Tourist concert. Dapper’s a Millennial dressing up like a Gen-Xer. Makes me feel old. These Instagrams were screaming to be shared.

Generations in the Workplace

Dear CEO: This Is Why Millennials Don’t Want To Work For You.

When I read articles like this, I become very confused about the high rate of unemployment among Millennials — also called Generation Y or Gen Y.

Also, check out this Gen-X rant: What’s Wrong With My Millennial Employees?

rosie texting

Speaking of Gen Y: Generation Independent

The October 2014 issue of Reason is all about how Millennials Aren’t Listening To You. The theme of the issue is Generation Independent and includes several features including  Rise of the Hipster Capitalist, Politicos Scramble For The Millennial Vote and more. Millennials Generation Independent

Here’s the cover shot for issue. Frighteningly accurate I’d say.

Millennials Aren't Listening To You

More Links

Mean Girls 10 Years Later

E.T. Video Games Discovered in Atari Grave

Millennial Train Journey: A retrofuturistic train journey to explore America’s new frontiers.

Generation Scotland: The day of Scottish Independence draws near as a new generation of Scots prepare to vote in thee Scotland’s Independence Referendum.

Bonus Video:

All Gen-Xers love the Sesame Street theme including Jimmy Fallon.

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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  1. Andi

    I had totally missed the Friends appearance – that TOTALLY made my day!

  2. Brett

    I don’t know who was trying to be Magnum in the one pic, but that’s the sorriest excuse for a Selleck-stache that I’ve seen since Matthew Perry in “The One Where Old Yeller Dies.”

    And re: the “Reason” cover article — it’s a surprise to someone that people in their 20s think they know everything and don’t listen to older folks? Mr. Gillespie and Ms. Ekins might need to get out more.


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