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What To Give A 9-Year-Old Boy For His Birthday

For my son Sullivan’s 9th birthday, I threw him an adventure party in Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District. We had a lot of fun celebrating with his friends. You can see by this picture they all showed up wearing the same amazing smile. Ha!

Oklahoma City Boathouse Adventure Birthday Party

Sully celebrates his birthday with friends | Oklahoma City Boathouse Adventure Birthday Party

But, the best thing we gave him for his birthday was Theoneste, a boy from Rwanda. We signed Sully up to sponsor him through World Vision. The cost is $35 a month. When I told Sully about this present, he said, “Why can’t I have the $35 a month?” That’s normal, right?

Theoneste World Vision


Then I told him Theo was born on the same exact day he was born and even the same year. I told him about the HIV and AIDS crisis in Rwanda and how it has damaged the social fabric of the entire community. Many children don’t have parents. I told him about the 1994 civil war.

He’s looking forward to getting the information packet about his new friend, his birthday twin. I decided if Sullivan was old enough to ride a zipline and give me heart failure, he’s old enough to learn about Theoneste and Rwanda.

Thank you, Lord, for letting us sponsor a boy in Rwanda. Hold on, Theo. Your miracles are on their way. And, thank you, God, for my son Sullivan!

Oklahoma City Boathouse Adventure Birthday Party

Adventure boathouse birthday trampoline

Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District | Birthday Party | Trampoline

Boathouse District OKC

Boathouse District OKC | Super Bridgy On The Trampoline

Boathouse District OKC Zipline

Boathouse District Zipline | Sully On The Zipline

Zipline Adventure | OKC

Zipline Adventure | OKC

Zipline Adventure | OKC

Zipline Adventure | OKC

Zipline Adventure | OKC

Zipline Adventure | OKC

Zipline Adventure

Big Sister Juliette on the Zipline!

Boathouse Adventure OKC

Boathouse Adventure OKC

All Smiles

All Smiles From A 9-year-old Boy


Dear Sully,

You are the sweetest, happiest and most mischievous person I’ve ever known. I am so glad you are my son. Thank you for loving everyone so much, but most of all, thank you for loving me and thank you for loving God. If I could have known you were in my future, Sully, I would have never had a bad day. Not even one!

Keep smiling. Keep praying. Keep loving life. When the bad days come, remember, I had bad days, too, but they never, ever lasted. When dark clouds passed overhead, always, great things were in my future — including you!

You are growing into an amazing young man. Congratulations on  your 9th birthday. It’s your last year in the single digits. Wow! I’m glad you made it across the zipline safely. I am sure one day you will make it across canyons and oceans. But, please, no war zones.

Of course, life is a war zone, so put on the full armor of God, especially all of it. The belt of truth to guard against lies. The breastplate of righteousness to guard your tender heart.  The shield of faith for when doubts and fears assail you. Just put it all on. The younger, the better.

I will always be in your heart cheering you on, and every chance I get, I’ll be there in person to capture your adventures with my annoying Nikon. You are the best, Son. You are the best for me!

All my love forever and ever,

Your Mommy

Sully Friend 2


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  1. Andi

    Wow! I totally want to do that zipline thing! Wow, birthday parties have really gotten to be magical! Mine were MacDonald’s and rollerskating!

  2. Alan

    Wow, Happy Birthday young Sully.


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