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Mork Suspenders

Mork and Mindy Suspenders

Mork and Mindy Suspenders via F. Tronchin on Flickr

This week Robin Williams passed away. I will always remember him best for his role on Mork and Mindy. He inspired a big fashion trend that dominated my junior high years — rainbow suspenders.  My friend Shona had a pair!

The following is an exchange from a Mork and Mindy episode on loneliness and earthlings. If you remember, Mork reported back to Orson something he learned about earth and earthlings at the end of every episode.

Mork & Mindy: ‘In Mork We Trust’ (1979)

Orson: The report, Mork.

Mork: This week I discovered a terrible disease called loneliness.

Orson: Do many people on Earth suffer from this disease?

Mork: Oh yes sir, and how they suffer. One man I know suffers so much he has to take a medication called bourbon. Even that doesn’t help very much because then he can hear paint dry.

Orson: Does bedrest help?

Mork: No because I’ve heard that sleeping alone is part of the problem. You see, Orson, loneliness is a disease of the spirit. People who have it think that no one cares about them.

Orson: Do you have any idea why?

Mork: Yes sir, you can count on me. You see, when children are young, they’re told not to talk to strangers. When they go to school, they’re told not to talk to the person next to them. Finally when they’re very old, they’re told not to talk to themselves, who’s left?

Orson: Are you saying Earthlings make each other lonely?

Mork: No sir, I’m saying just the opposite. They make themselves lonely – they’re so busy looking out for number one that there’s not enough room for two.

Orson: It’s too bad everybody down there can’t get together and find a cure.

Mork: Here’s the paradox, sir, because if they did get together, they wouldn’t need one.

Mork Suspenders

Here’s a great picture of Mork suspenders from the early 1980s. Photographs of this high caliber from this time are rare. What a treasure! I’m loving the Izod turtleneck , too.

Here’s a clip from a show-inspired Mork and Mindy Saturday cartoon series.

What was your favorite Robin Williams performance? RIP dear one.

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  1. Andi

    I totally had these. Mork & Mindy was one of my most beloved shows growing up. Living in the Bay Area we had the opportunity to see Robin Williams a lot, at festivals and events, etc. I was always impressed by him impromptu skills and he will be deeply missed.


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