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Magic Lantern Festival and Memories To Last A Lifetime

Paseo Magic Lantern Festival

Paseo Magic Lantern Festival

We missed the Magic Fairy Ball this year. It was in September and it completely escaped me. I was so disappointed, but happy when I learned the Magic Lantern Festival would be in late October.

The festival took place on The Paseo, a historic artist colony in Oklahoma City. Art galleries invited children to create costumes out of paper, plastic bags, cupcake liners, and various other paper accouterments.  It was great to see how these simple items could transform children into magical little creates.

Little Girl in a paper dress

Little Girl in a paper dress

Magic Lantern Festival Oklahoma City

Magic Lantern Festival Oklahoma City

At sunset, Steve McLinn played a special feather song while performers with Theater Upon a StarDanceSwan danced through a pumpkin labyrinth.

Each child was given a feather and encouraged to make a wish as they danced through the labyrinth.

Pumpkin Labyrinth

Pumpkin Labyrinth

It was awesome to see their imaginations soar.

Girls dancing in the street Magic Lantern

Man in fun mask magic lantern festival

What an enchanting evening!

Magic Lantern Festival | OKC

Magic Lantern Festival | OKC

We were busy at Girl Scout Fest 2014, so we weren’t able to make a paper costume. I literally threw this Maleficent costume together in 30 minutes. Bridgy was terrific about pulling together the actual clothes. We used Sullivan’s bat wings from his Halloween costume a couple of years ago.

I have made Maleficent horns. #Paseo #Magic #Fairies

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I found a Maleficent horn template online and used some felt I already had. I doubled it with a stiffer felt to make the horns stand up and then spread clear school glue on the soft black felt and covered it with black glitter I already had. Yea! Now, Bridgy wants to ditch the Halloween costume we planned and be the Maleficent fairy for Halloween.

Maleficent on the Labyrinth

Maleficent, a.k.a. Bridgette, on the Labyrinth

The older we get the more impossible it becomes to play make-believe. Maturation, genetics, and reality all work together to beat imagination out of all of us. It’s a natural path in human development I suppose. But, so much greatness springs from the imagination. Click here to read about a mom who imagined famous dresses out of paper for her little girl.

How To Make Maleficent Horns

Bridgy, you are a magic lantern!

Magic Lantern Festival Paseo OKC

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