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Dying in Vein: A film about the rise in heroine, opiate use

The rise in heroine has created a new opiate generation composed of Generation Z and white, Generation X women.

Jenny Mackenzie is the producer of Dying In Vein, a film she hopes will be seen not only at film festivals around the world, but in American classrooms nationwide. It’s an intimate exploration of heroin addiction in two middle school friends. After 10 years of using, one lives and one dies.

The story hits close to home for Mackenzie whose daughter and brother have suffered with addiction. She says heroin use is on the rise among Generation Z (born 1996-Present).

For a more hopeful look at Generation Z, check out Vox’s summary of a major study from the Centers for Disease Control that shows teenagers today are the best behaved generation on record.

For another grim report, check out the Economist’s report, The Great American RelapseIt’s about the resurgence of heroin among a new group of users: suburban middle-class whites — half of whom are women.

heroin use on the rise

Dying In Vein is a Kickstarter project. The goal is $25,000. Nearly $15,000 has already been raised by 107 backers. There are 12 days to go. Click here to give and help turn the tide away from this rise in heroin use.

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