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Generation X vs Generation Y vs Generation Z

Generations X, Y and Z, with their own respective attitudes and attributes, have defined the modern workplace. Understanding the motivations and skills of each of these generations is paramount to recruiting and retaining the right people. So, how do the generations compare with each other? Find out in this latest infographic.

Generation X vs Y in the workplace

Generation X vs Y vs Z [Infographic] by the team at Next Generation Recruitment

Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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  1. Karessa

    Hi Jen,
    This is an awesome article! I study generations and work in the consulting field. My job is to help individuals and businesses achieve their highest potential and perform at their very best.

    Your article is engaging and provides relatable insights into the different generations. The one thing that is missing for me, is me. As an African American, many of the references in the article and quiz did not include my experiences. For example, the Jackson 5 vs the Beatles, people who look like me in the photos of the quiz, etc. These may seem to not mean much, but to help a wider audience relate to the wonderful material you presented, it would mean a lot.

    We share a mutual goal of helping people better understand and communicate with each other.
    All the best with your journey!


    • Jennifer

      Karessa – You are so right. I appreciate the feedback so much. Long before white people embraced the Gen X label, African Americans were embracing it with tremendous pride. They never resisted it — a reflection of the values and awareness of generations and elders present in African American communities and culture. I have written two posts about Gen X African American experiences you might like to read. The first is about Lucky Lake and the second about the Children’s March for Survival. The first Gen X protest was organized by Black women and their children!! Also, Hip Hop is deeply woven into the Gen X experience. Thank you for your comment. I will do better to illuminate this important part of Generation X.

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