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Gen-X News: Gen-Xers Running for President

It’s time for another round of the Blue Plate Special — all the latest Gen X articles, tweets and posts.

First, the important stuff. In case you missed it the last time I posted it all over the Internet, Gen Xers are running for president. Not, exactly for the first time, though. President Obama was born in 1961. By broadest definition, he is a Gen-Xer and one time identified himself as Generation Jones.

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Judy Blume Has A New Book Out

are you there god its me margaret original cover blumeJudy Blume (Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret) has a new book, In The Unlikely Event, and somehow she and Molly Ringwold ended up on the same stage talking about it.

Additional Links

  • What’s it really like to be 18-years-old in America Today?

What's it like to be a teenager today

This spring, Matter worked with a class of high school seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area to find the answer to that question. Through a series of projects — some written, others visual— the students told their own stories and captured a vibrant portrait of their lives. Here is the result: A raw, raucous and very real of depiction of what it’s like to be an American teen today.

“Retirement Reality Bites for Generation X”

 Generation X Retirement Reality BitesContinue reading Gen X Was Right: Reality Does Bite on Bloomberg Business.

New York AARP on Gen X Stress and Anxiety

Next Wednesday, June 24, the AARP will release a groundbreaking New York City survey on the financial security and retirement savings crisis facing the city’s Gen X and Baby Boomer generations. Click here to read more.  high anxiety generation x


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