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20 Skills Facing Extinction

Tiny Baby Doll Knitted Clown Outfit

A survey of 2,000 Britons by Ordnance Survey reveals 20 traditional skills are falling by the wayside and facing extinction. They’re just the latest casualties of technology — examples of digital disruption devaluing more than goods and services, but skills that were once considered vital to life.

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20 Skills Facing Extinction

According to the survey, younger generations have a lack of interest in things like reading maps, tying knots and remembering phone numbers. They don’t know how to knit, use a compass, darn a sock or write in cursive. Here are the following 20 skills face extinction.

1. Reading a map

2. Using a compass

3. Tie a specific knot

4. Darn socks

5. Looking something up in a book using an index rather than ‘Googling it’

6. Correct letter-writing technique

7. Understanding pounds and ounces

8. Knowing your spelling and grammar

9. Converting pounds and ounces to grams and kilograms

10. Starting a fire from nothing

11. Handwriting

12. Understanding feet and inches

13. Knitting

14. Remembering a friend or relative’s phone number

15. Remembering a partner’s phone number

16. Identifying trees, insects, flowers

17. Touch typing

18. Baking bread from scratch

19. Taking up trousers

20. Wiring a plug

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Clown Hat Doll


Baby Doll with Knitted Sailor Outfit

Tiny Knitted Beret for Doll Baby


Top 10 skills considered essential in modern day life

The survey also reveals the top 10 skills considered essential in modern day life.

1. Searching the Internet

2. Using/ connecting to WiFi

3. Using a smart phone

4. Online banking

5. Knowing about privacy setting online

6. Searching and applying for jobs inline

7. Being able to turn water off at the mains

8. Using and following a sat-nav

9. Updating and installing computer programs

10. Working a tablet

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Tiny Baby in a Christening outfit

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Skeins of crochet thread

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    • Brett

      I saw; thanks for the comment!

      The real shame is that folks seem to have picked up the vocabulary without actually smashing a thumb 😉

      The thing in that MacLean’s story that blew my mind was teenage kids — uninjured, perfectly healthy teenaged kids — did not know how to tie their own shoes. I’m not a parent, but I can’t understand how the heck you can overlook something like that.


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